Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 Carrera is one of all-time my dream cars, it’s timeless, elegant and smooth, in each generation. 

Almost anyone can recognize a Porsche, but did you know that the first Volkswagen was designed and built by Porsche? The Beetle.

I love Porsche and everything about them, the design, the power, the sound… and of course – I wanted to model one too.

After several tries during my few years of modeling experience, I hadn’t succeeded in modeling one. It was too curvy and complex for me back then.

Porsche 964 Studio 03.png

So, I wanted to challenge myself again.

The Weekly Modeling Challenge

This 964 model Porsche 911 Carrera was the result of my first Weekly Modeling Challenge, as I wanted to see how fast I can model a proper car from scratch.

Porsche 964 Studio 08

A car that I hadn’t been able to model from start to finish before.


It took me one week from start to finish, and during that time I posted my results on Instagram every evening. On my scale, my first Weekly Modeling Challenge was fairly successful, considering my Instagram page was fairly new.


The Progress and a Social Media Experiment


Day One

During the first evening, I managed to model most of the basic form of the car. Knowing the model was still raw and unfinished, I decided to post it anyway for feedback, and to “advertise” this little personal challenge. The pressure of the challenge being public forced me to really focus and bring out the best of my skills at the time.



Day Two

During the second evening I started working more on the rear of the car, and the bumpers and tires.



Day Three

On the third evening, I focused on the materials and added more details on the car.



Day Four

On the fourth evening, I worked on the wheels and details of the car. I modeled the bolts and center caps for the wheels, and some Brembo-brakes, blinkers and tail lights.


Porsche 964 Studio 01

Day Five

On the fifth evening, I finished my first studio render and basic interior modeled for exterior renders.


Road Render 02_1

Day Seven

Finally, the render in the header.
This shot was inspired by one of my favorite games in my childhood, “Need for Speed: Porsche 2000” for the PlayStation 1.

I needed drivers for the cars because they’re in motion – so I used photos of myself and my fiancée as alpha planes inside the car. She insisted that she must be overtaking me!

A little hill climb race in two classic Porsches. The HDRI background and backplate package was purchased from HDRI Haven. The HDRI package is called “Pink Sunrise”, you can find it here:

HDRI Haven | “Pink Sunrise”-HDRI Package

The final render got 74 Likes, and the Weekly Modeling Challenge brought me a lot of new followers from the CG world, car design world and Porsche enthusiasts.


It’s good to test your skills and look for feedback from people inside and outside the industry, more Weekly Modeling Challenges to come!



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