A Designer for Life


Today I got some great news, I’m going to be an Industrial Designer! My studies begin this Fall in the University of Applied Sciences.

The entry exams were quite difficult as expected.

First I had to complete a pre-exam design task to be invited into the final two-day exams and a group-interview.

The final exams were two eight-hour days filled with tightly scheduled design tasks, that tested your creativity,  and time- and stress management skills.

Thanks to my work experience in a HelpDesk, and several high-frequency design projects, the stress management wasn’t a problem and I had plenty of time to play with, most of the time at least.

When I left the school, I was so tired after the first day, that I had trouble keeping my eyes open walking back into the city. I couldn’t get much sleep on either night, but I’m happy it didn’t affect my performance during the exams too much. After the second day, I met with a friend and we talked the two days through and finally got my peace of mind.

When I got home, I took a short run and I was so tired that my legs were a blur when running. Just two legs flying around automatically for a while, and then I was back home!

Even in the tough entry exams, I already loved the school. The tutors were very friendly, it was nice to talk to them and hear about the actual everyday studying too.

One of the biggest positives is the fact that it’s possible to take courses from other Design Fields, like Interior Design. It’s also encouraged that students have their own design projects, and they can be done after school in different workshops. Plastic, 3D Printing, Wood and Metal can be used as well.

I’m really happy about the result and I can’t wait to start studying in the school. Now I’m looking for an apartment in the city and preparing myself for the studies.


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