Hymyilevä Leijona | A Finlayson Contest Winner

Earlier this year I participated in the Finnish textile manufacturer Finlayson’s “100 Lions”-contest, which celebrates Finland’s 100th Anniversary of Independence, equality and freedom.

My Design “Hymyilevä Leijona” (The Smiling Lion)

I wanted to design a Lion that smiles and welcomes you warmly, instead of waving sharp swords and tongues. A Lion that represents freedom and equality and the chance to become anything as long as you keep pushing and working hard for your goals.

I heard about the contest two nights before the deadline, even though it had been going on for months. I just got a feeling that this is something I have to do. I had everything to win and nothing to lose.

I took on the challenge, made some coffee during the late evening and opened my sketchbook. Two hardworking nights later the Smiling Lion was ready and I hit Send, feeling both relieved and terrified.

My design got the most votes in the contest and Finlayson contacted me to make design reflectors and fabric bags from the design.

Actually in a way, the Smiling Lion did really become the perfect example for me that working hard can get you anywhere. I challenged myself even though I thought I’d never make it in time, I made it and even won the contest.

It’s a huge thing for me and hopefully the beginning of something great. My friends and family are excited to get the products and I’m looking forward to seeing people using them in the city.

The Lion Products in one of the Finlayson Stores. Picture taken by Brita .

The Lion reflectors and fabric bags are available for purchase in the Finlayson online store: https://www.finlayson.fi/pages/100-leijonaa-suomelle 

Save the environment & yourself and order yourself a fabric bag for your groceries, and a lion reflector for walking safely during the dark Winter.



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