About Me


Nico Uusitalo
A designer for life, an artistic soul, a creator of visual things and a CG artist.

How things look and work have always fascinated me. Whether it’s Graphic Design, Logo Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design or Transportation Design – I’m all over it, studying and experimenting, making things look and work like I imagine them in my head.

Here’s some of my vehicle design sketches!


Cars are a huge passion of mine. I’ve drawn cars ever since I was a small child, and my lifelong dream is to design my own car, see it in production and drive it.
This is one of my many concept sketches, a two-door sports coupé.



Mm, that’s a sporty hatchback city car.

corrado mad max.png
And THAT’S a rugged Volkswagen Corrado, inspired by Mad Max.

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