“UNI” | A Nightstand by Nico Uusitalo

It's time to reveal an another piece of the newly named KULMA Collection. The UNI-nightstand is cozy despite its corners, and oddly satisfying in a way. It soothes you to sleep in your Scandinavian style home. The round legs deliver a nice balance with the triangle legs and in an odd way, I find it … Continue reading “UNI” | A Nightstand by Nico Uusitalo


Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 Carrera is one of all-time my dream cars, it's timeless, elegant and smooth, in each generation.  Almost anyone can recognize a Porsche, but did you know that the first Volkswagen was designed and built by Porsche? The Beetle. I love Porsche and everything about them, the design, the power, the sound... and … Continue reading Porsche 911

Mazda MX-5

Some say the Mazda MX-5 captures the classic feel of the 1960's convertible sports car so well, that it's even better than its British idols. Even the exhaust was tuned specifically to sound perfect to the Mazda engineers. -------------------------------------------------------------- The Mazda MX-5 modeling project was one my first serious attempts in photorealism, back in 2016. … Continue reading Mazda MX-5