Hymyilevä Leijona | A Finlayson Contest Winner

Earlier this year I participated in the Finnish textile manufacturer Finlayson's "100 Lions"-contest, which celebrates Finland's 100th Anniversary of Independence, equality and freedom. My Design "Hymyilevä Leijona" (The Smiling Lion) I wanted to design a Lion that smiles and welcomes you warmly, instead of waving sharp swords and tongues. A Lion that represents freedom and … Continue reading Hymyilevä Leijona | A Finlayson Contest Winner


“UNI” | A Nightstand by Nico Uusitalo

It's time to reveal an another piece of the newly named KULMA Collection. The UNI-nightstand is cozy despite its corners, and oddly satisfying in a way. It soothes you to sleep in your Scandinavian style home. The round legs deliver a nice balance with the triangle legs and in an odd way, I find it … Continue reading “UNI” | A Nightstand by Nico Uusitalo

“KOLMI” | A Coffee Table by Nico Uusitalo

KOLMI - a simple, yet powerful design. Modern, industrial and just a little retro. KOLMI was created in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep and I just had to grab some paper and sketch it down. My fiancée had an early morning coming up, so I sketched it in the dark, just my … Continue reading “KOLMI” | A Coffee Table by Nico Uusitalo